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Port Escape
The Company's premier product is Port Escape. This proprietary portable slide system is derived from inflatable technology currently utilized in the air, space and marine industries. The Port Escape system will save life and limb for both the evacuees and those performing the rescues. This system is ideal for 2nd and 3rd story building evacuations. Its portability allows for swift, safe rescues and escapes. Port Escape may be deployed at multiple locations for simultaneous evacuations. Firefighters and Rescue Teams will be able to focus on individuals who require assistance while others can escape via the slides. Stress and overexertion are the leading causes of death for firefighters. Port Escape enables firefighters to perform their tasks quickly and safely. It will also serve as an invaluable tool as an escape route for first responders. Port Escape is a superior alternate to fire escapes and rope ladders. The system may be deployed by the resident prior to the first responder's arrival, thereby avoiding smoke inhalation, burns, injuries and possible death.

Our second story slide comes in a light weight valise with handles for easy mobility.

   · Bring slide to window
   · Extend rod past the window frame and place outside.
   · Pull handle to inflate

   · Evacuation of 50 people per minute.
   · Decreases fire fighter fatigue from climbing ladders.
   · Safer than tie off and jump for personal evacuation of first responders.
   · Slide can be used for personal or large scale evacutations.
   · Installs quickly with no tools in less than 10 seconds.
   · Can be modified for railings, balconies and truck platforms.

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