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Our Inflatable Evacuation Systems are designed to allow for a safe and efficient means of escape for second and third story egress applications. The designs are derived from proven inflatable technology currently used in aircraft and marine evacuations.

Inflatable Evacuation Systems’ slides will save lives of occupants as well as fire and rescue personal performing elevated evacuations. Our systems can be deployed at several locations simultaneously and prior to the arrival of first responders. Deployment of the portable systems can be accomplished within 30 seconds allowing 50+ individuals to evacuate in a minute. The portability and ease of use makes this product a revolutionary aid in the evacuation process.

IES systems may be modified for homes, buildings, platforms and large commercial vehicles (excavating and mining equipment). Versatile mounting techniques and accessories are incorporated to adapt to the various types of windows and balconies.   

IES has followed the manufacturing and testing guidelines of the FAA Technical Service Order (TSO 69) for aircraft inflatable evacuation systems and we adhere to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

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